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Sustainability The New Essential

Embracing sustainable development is no longer a choice; it is a necessity. No one person or company can make the difference, but each and every one of us can, and must, make a difference. That we cannot do everything is accepted and acknowledged, but that we cannot do everything can no longer be an excuse to do nothing.

Port St George will do as much as possible to embrace an eco-engineered ethos. Beginning by taking a major step toward operating entirely off-grid through extensive use of solar energy, Port St George will exemplify the next evolution of luxury destinations, doing as much as possible to embrace an eco-engineered ethos, right from the current planning stage.

Future-proofing is being incorporated into every aspect of the project. Studio Hillier has developed the site plan for Port St George with this in mind and we are collaborating with shared passion for design that will be environmentally sustainable.

An organic hydroponic farm will provide fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing the need for imported products. Food waste will be distributed directly from residential and commercial structures to a composting centre, which will reduce waste and create a product for soil enrichment.

Rainwater will be collected in cisterns and a solar-powered reverse-osmosis desalinization plant will convert seawater into fresh, drinkable water for the development.